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What is Mobile Marketing?

Have you ever heard about mobile marketing and what do you think when mobile marketing strikes to your mind that selling something on mobile or doing some sort of business on the mobile. Yes, it is same but not at all.

Technically Speaking, Mobile Marketing is an online technique with multi-channel and many modules involved in this Mobile Marketing. Mainly Mobile Marketing is designed for Cell phones, handheld devices and Smartphones and much more. It is the promotional activity you can even call techniques which helps to maintain new strategy or techniques and calculating revenue at the end.

With the campaigns, SMS, Email, MMS, Social Media, Mobile Application and many other techniques are adopted within the time period and make those techniques or strategy in such a way that product or service reaching every individual with the database. Normally, the main advantage of mobile marketing is it is considered as the sensitive and most personalized information can be protected/secure within the users.

Thus, new ideas are generated like Popup, some other notifications on the Mobile from which users should be attracted and feels good to sound and many are implemented and got success with the assistance of Mobile, so why can’t you? Yes, even you can become expert in Mobile marketing and the thing you need to follow is to get know the tactics used in the Mobile Marketing from which every user can have chance of getting more lead generated and converted into more.

So you are excited, right? Mainly text, video or graphics or voice messages are the different sources from which we can reach any customer for Mobile Marketing. To know what are the techniques or what are the different modules evolved in the Mobile Marketing. Thus it has become an opportunity to gain more knowledge and here in this article, you will find the different techniques that we opt for Mobile Marketing.

What are the Modules of Mobile Marketing?
mobile marketing - Mobile Marketing
  • SMS Marketing
  • MMS Marketing
  • APP- based Marketing
  • Push Notification
  • In Game Mobile Marketing
  • Bluetooth Mobile Marketing
  • Proximity System Mobile Marketing
  • Location Based Services Mobile Marketing
  • QR Codes Mobile Marketing
  • Ringless Voicemail Mobile Marketing
  • User- Controlled Media Mobile Marketing
  • Privacy Concerns Mobile Marketing
So these are the different module or techniques will be used in the Mobile Marketing and thus each and every Mobile Marketing module is important. So let us have each module and strategies that can be implemented based on these modules. In addition to this, you can even know how to implement techniques that are shown in this article for Mobile Marketing.

What actually SMS stands for? Short Messaging Service and most of the people may know this service and this is one of the popular everyone uses. In the present day, as there will be huge and bulk of SMS and messages are received by every individual. Isn’t it? Yes, of course, there are many other techniques to become the success in the field of Mobile Marketing. Here are below few, how to get more attraction on your SMS and your SMS service doesn’t go waste at all.

Make an attractive or Impressive content about your site.

Show some attractive discount or coupons to open your site.

Give some winning submit text which provides keen interest to the users.

Alternate Methodology in SMS Mobile Marketing - Maybe this service may not be supported or guaranteed by the carriers. But there is the existence of this alternate method which in boosting up your business and that is sending SMS to the Mails. Seems it not possible, but it is possible and because of not supportive it has been made delayed in this methodology.

MMS which stands for Multimedia Message Service, which is a combination of multimedia files like audio, video, text, and images. Now, with the advancement of technology, many have already smartphone and most of the MMS service is supported for their mobile.

This is the thing we want and then you can promote your business with the assistance of module MMS service and in some cases, P2P (Person to Person ) are made in order to get the name and fame. Some are really creating the brand among the persons with the assistance of MMS.

Push Notification

Push notification, you can make bookmarked for this tactics or module whatever you called as it is the important and very most used technique in the field of Mobile Marketing. Push Notification is provided by Apple in 2009. Then Google takes charge in 2010 and implemented this Push Notification technique for Android service that is Cloud to messaging. Then finally 2013, Google finally replaced Google Android Cloud Service to Google Cloud Messaging which is common term as GCM.

What Actually Push Notifications?

Push Notifications are the one which gives Pops up on the mobile devices. Quite interesting right? Yes, of course, because most of us are opting this service for Mobile Marketing and it is similar to normal SMS but will represent the entire concept capturing the attention of users who have used Mobile Devices.

App – Based Mobile Marketing

Many Smartphones has arrived and most of us are using Smartphone and it has been greatly increased using of Smart Phone by every single individual and the everyone focusing on to get more visibility on the play store so that number of downloads get increased and also in some cases these apps get visualize on the app at the top of the front page of Play Store. So there are more chances of downloading and this is called as App Store Optimization, it is very common and latest technology using in the field of Mobile Marketing.

How to get reach App Store Optimization?

App Store Optimization, ASO which is leading and latest technology in the Mobile Marketing. There are huge competitions for ASO as this is not an easy task to get the top of the Play store as many are fighting for the same place. The main Mobile App Development and high quality are the main tactics required to stand in the front of Play Store. These three are essential and important for the ASO and to get success in this module.

In-Game Module:

The game, which is an interesting and entertaining part one can feel about it. Yes, there are several games which people really show interest and love towards. Even they spend their free time in playing one or other game. Yes, you can even do Mobile Marketing in the module of In-Game. The Strategy is simple, you need to mentioned about your products/service in the middle of games.

You can show about your brand at the initials before the game start, in the middle of the game after every stage or be finding some pause/resume button you can show add of your brand and then finally like the completion of the game. So it’s interesting right? Yes, it is not only interesting but also most entertaining people will forget about the marketing plan and the main motto is to clear the stage and reach the other stage getting some new thrills and surprises at each and every stage.

QR Codes Mobile Marketing

QR codes are the main concept from which users can have access to visit web page address by scanning a 2D image with the assistance of any phone or any other tab handheld mobile devices. QR codes for Mobile Marketing have been using by many marketers who wish to market in the module of Mobile Marketing. These include the tracking future which helps to track the website and this module is especially obtained by ISS standard in 1997.

Apple with the application named Passbook has involved this module and Apple has finally implemented iOS6 which has first QR code and is able to track the website address and visit the website with the tracking the address and it even scan 2D image with the aid of camera.

Bluetooth Mobile Marketing

Bluetooth is needed to every individual and it is technology where you can share the music, audio and or any other multimedia files. Yes, many are using this technology for one or other mean of transferring the files to the other device. Yes, you can even create your brand awareness among the people with the help of Bluetooth module and this Mobile Marketing module plays a key role while transferring the files.

Tata Motors conducted a recent marketing campaign which got huge collection of data and this was considered as the one the biggest and popular once had in the module of Bluetooth Mobile Marketing.

Proximity Systems for Mobile Marketing

How Proximity Systems are related to Mobile Marketing is your question as many of us have the same question defining the part, Proximity Systems are simply terming as Short messages cell broadcast which helps in delivering messages to the person relies upon GSM 03.41 which is Proximity Marketing.


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