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Web Analytics

Web Analytic is not simply a tool for analyzing the website traffic, it helps to understand market research and become important for every company. Normally each and every individual website has needs to go through this test and should maintain reports for any further improvement. Web Analytics is a group of measurement of the website by collecting the data and then analyze the report based on the requirement.

Many Companies depend on Web Analytics and it is because traffic may continually get changes and this tool will help and catch the behavior of the website traffic and it even allows you to know the source of traffic generating and from which you can implement new plan or strategies based on the source of traffic.

Now the real-time question may arise in your mind that how this Analytic may help in improving the market? This is an interesting question, many entrepreneurs, market research, employees and much more are still looking for the perfect answer to this question. Here in this article, from the introduction to the strategy, everything is explained about the Web Analytics. So from here, you can easily get to know how Web Analytics could really help in developing your market.

Basic Steps of Web Analytics
Web analytics - Web Analytics

The main objective is to define a formula or strategy that helps to bounce your market within less time with the assistance of Web Analytics process. So finally, you will execute plans or strategies which will help you in developing your market. Wondering how? You don’t need to be surprised or wonder as Web Analytics helps you in market research and come out with a plan for the growth of your market.

The first and foremost thing involved in the Web Analytics process is the collection of data. So what is Collection of data and what data need to be get collected will discuss it now.

Collection of Data

Now it is quite difficult to understand and you may in dilemma with the heading mentioned above this line. But Collection of data is the simply collecting basic and elementary data from which users can track the thing what is all going on the websites. Hope you understand, about the same and it is simple but very important when it comes to the matter of Web Analytics.

Processing the Data

Here it comes basic step involves once you got collected Web Analytics data. These collected data has been processed into information and provide useful metrics by deleting the remaining content which is not at all needed.

How to Develop Key Performance Indicator

So, Key Performance Indicator do you think it important? Yes, I suggest with my personal experience it is very most important to define factors and which lets you know how you can approach further considering main factors all over the collected data. So Key Performance Indicator, KPI is really needed and must maintain while using Web Analytics.

Formulating Online Plan or Strategy

Here’s comes formulating online plan or strategy and do you think it’s hard? Never ever think in that manner as based on the requirements, there is information provided even though with filtered. So just need to do, make a goal, objective where you can lead further with your market strategy. Simply you need to decide based on the information you got it to you. Then proceed further for the Web Analytics.

Someone asked a brilliant question what if the plan or online formulated goes wrong? And it is done after many types of research. So it may happen, right? Yes, of course, there is a chance of getting failed of plan sometime not all the times. But there is another additional feature for developing a formula and implementing. That is A/B testing, seems interesting right. Yeah, let see what actually it is?

What is A/B experiments Testing?

Now, suppose you may get information and it is filtered. Now, you have been figuring out two different plan based on the data you have. So the goal is set implementing two different planning on two different things. And definitely, I bet you, any of one will get more leads and more target get generated from which you can conclude one plan either An or B. This is called A/B experimenting test.

Are you one of them who are looking for process or procedure of using web Analytics tools? If it is so, then you are now at the right place. Actually many have the same question in mind. How to use Google Web Analytics tool? And it is as simpler. The main thing which everyone used this Google web analytics tool is mainly to check for visitors and to set the goal, objectives as per the requirements.

Visitors: Check for visitors who are all coming to your website and these further categories into two different things, New visitors and Return Visitors.

Return Visitors: Return visitors are the person who is visiting your website with the same IP address.

New Visitors: New Visitors are the persons who are all coming to your website for the first time with new IP address is getting tracked.

And after this, the foremost important thing you need to know about its ‘Bounce Rate’ and many still don’t understand Bounce Rate percentage should be low or high.

Bounce Rate should be low, it is calculated based on the time for which person or any visitor is being stayed on the Website. So, if the visitor stayed for the longer period, then Bounce Rate get reduced and Google further thinks that there is some content where people are staying for a longer period on the site and providing the low bouncing rate for that site.

Data, Traffic, Source, Goal Objectives, Audience, Acquisition are some terms used in Web Analytics and these words may even find in some famous Web Analytics tools like Google Web Analytics, which is actually free of cost and you just need to do is registering email ID and then Sign in. Let have some of the discussion on the words that used in Web Analytics.

Data: It is the group collection of information which helps to know what is happening on your website. Normally, this will present in number, percentage and sometimes words.

Traffic: Normally when you heard the word ‘Traffic’ you may get reminded of public traffic. Yes it the quite same thing but not here counts the number of visitors coming to your sites. So, traffic helps you to know more about the visitors and it is important terms of all the other.

Source of Traffic: Wondering, what this again? You don’t need to be. It is quite simple as you understand the terminology of Web Analytics
Goal or Objective: What is normally goal is? Setting up some target, isn’t it? Yeah, here in the Web Analytics we do the same we set up some target for visitors to get that. So a page of a website or clicking the button on the page or subscribing the channel or for news will be some sort of goal or objectives that we keep for Web Analytics.

Audience: This is a regular term that everybody uses and here also audience means the same defining people on your web page or website. It will further categorize into men, women, gender male or female, age above 18 or 68. These all thing you’ll come to know with the assistance of Audience.

Acquisition: Here it is a channel where the source of medium for visitors or traffic you will come to know. Yes, with the aid of Acquisition, you can know from which source of the medium the traffic is generated. Direct landing, organic search, social, referrals, and others.
Now, these are some terms which are mainly used in the Web Analytics and tools, before that you need to know there is a free tool available for Web Analytic developed by Google is Google Web Analytics. It is the ultimate tool for web analytics if you asked me personally. Then after this SEMrush is the other tools which even do the same concept of website tracking and getting some sort of required information. But to access the Google Web Analytics tool, you need to add code on your website so that this Google Web Analytics tool will help you in tracking the website. So let’s see how it can be done

How to Add Web Analytics Code to the Websites

This code is a Javascript which helps to track the website data and gather data which can be further be noted down. But you need to add script code to the website.

First Sign into the Google Web Analytics with Gmail account
Enter website URLs in the property and the go for Dashboard of Google Analytics

Then go for added property from Dashboard and then click for Property which you got added

Then take that JavaScript then add in the body tag of your website. Yeah, that’s it you have finally added the code to the Website. Then after 24 hours, your website get tracked and you will come to know how are the things are happening on your website.


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